Dialogue & Spirituality

“Language is the medium within which the distinctively human form of life is possible. Our words lift us out of the immediacy of natural, instinctual existence and create space for us to move intelligently and intentionally in a meaningful world. Our words situate us in time and in space, making it possible for us to muse upon our past as well as to project ourselves into the future. Even more basically, the little I, you, and we enable us to become conscious of ourselves as responsible and personal agents. As we address each other in words and speech, owning up to our words before each other, we are enabled to enter into friendship and fellowship. The medium of spirituality, which is to say spirited and ‘responsible’ existence, in short is dialogue. Through dialogue we are enabled to love God, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to care for the world.”

~ Craig M. Gay, Dialogue, Catalogue & Monologue (Vancouver, Canada: Regent College Publishing, 2008), 36.


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